One man studio – Round 6 (Feb 16th – March 9th)

One Man Studio is a crash course in filmmaking, inspired by the new generation of filmmakers: the one-man-studio is one person who can write, shoot and edit. If you want to tell learn how to tell a better story and learn how to film and edit that story, this is the course for you. In this course, you’ll learn the essentials of everything related to producing a short film, from structuring a story to how to use a camera to visual storytelling to finally editing your project. You’ll be given an assignment after every class, and through what you’ve learned, you are expected to write, shoot and edit a 3-minute movie at the end of the course.

Course details

Location: Room Squared Coworking Space, 15 saqalya street, from Mostafa el Sallab of Makram Ebeid, Nasr City

Dates: Saturdays starting Feb 16th until March 9th

Time: 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Course fee: 2,000 L.E., 50% to book your place, 50% payment on the first day of the course
*To cancel, you must inform us at least 1 week before the first session

Payment methods:
1. At Room Squared coworking space
2. CIB ATM or Bank, account number 1000 338 28947
3. Vodafone cash 0101 890 3565

For more info and registration, call 0106 777 4666